What is District CoWork?

Manhattan’s newest District: where work, play and success merge in a culture of innovation. We are transforming NoMad into the hub for innovation by providing entrepreneurs with office, retail and rooftop space to create, promote and sell their products and services. At District members enjoy the full range of office and social facilities so that they can focus on building their businesses.

We are NoMad’s member’s only club for innovators creating new business models or reinventing existing ones. Leaders in tech, design, sales, marketing, health, commerce, fashion, food and finance mix at District to build their businesses and help each other succeed.

We are a coworking space where innovative minds meet to disrupt traditional industries and create new ones. The sky is the limit at District where the dreamers and doers come together and create Manhattan’s leading companies.

Working around other creative professionals fosters a community positioned for success. The benefits of joining the District community go above and beyond just the working space. The energy that is buzzing around each desk gives each District Member a penchant to succeed.

At District start-ups will make an impact in the colossus that is Manhattan. Take a bite out of the big apple and then the world!

Our mission
To help our Members succeed by providing the best services and infrastructure

District Commune

Members Club

Our private rooftop lounge, District Commune, brings entrepreneurs together with professionals in media, investment, industry and the arts to build a community designed for success. Visionaries from established multinationals join the burgeoning entrepreneurs to share ideas and build partnerships. Finance professionals provide investment insights and capital potential to the community. The voices of the press and media are encouraged in our community so Members can seamlessly build the awareness that is critical to success.

District Commune

District Canteen


The first Indoor market showcasing New York’s culinary entrepreneurs for the city and tourists to enjoy. Why should coworking be restricted to office space? We give food and beverage artisans space to serve their mouthwatering creations all day, every day! Our indoor and outdoor cafe market will be the best place to try a range of culinary and bar delights. From craft beers to noodle burgers, we will rotate entrepreneurs on a regular basis to ensure everyone has a chance serve Manhattan with their awesome treats!

District Canteen

District CoOp


Located on Broadway, District will provide product and service entrepreneurs ground floor retail space to sell products and showcase their services. Physical presence is known to catalyze sales and market awareness so our cowork retail space is being designed to support entrepreneurs with flexible retail access to build their markets on Broadway, in the center of the city.

District Coop

Why District?

We offer our members coworking spaces that stretch the boundaries of an office. District’s curated Member community will ensure that the startups you surround yourself with are committed to working hard and being successful. The atmosphere fostered in District will be infectious. Our unique services are unparalleled.

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