5 Reasons Why You Need a Powerful Personal Brand

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Who are you? Are you simply a sum of hours you spent behind a desk? Are you the all-nighters you spent in college to ace the final? Are you just another face in an endless sea of online applicants and competing profiles? Of course, you’re not, but the world may think you are. Now more than ever, individuality is being cherished at the workplace. Companies and CEO’s want to know what you can bring to…

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5 Reasons To Cowork in NYC

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So, you got it all figured out huh? Your company, your name, your logo, your concept, your market, your demographic, your product, your mission, your goal yadda yadda. But, there is one thing you seem to be struggling with. “Where is my company going to be?” So you look up some office spaces in New York City and your jaw hits the floor. Turns out having your business here is just as expensive as, well,…

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7 Tips to Help Nail Your Elevator Pitch

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In an era of increasingly short attention spans, it is important for start-up entrepreneurs to refine their “elevator pitch” or 2-minute speech on their business. The audiences might include potential investors, prospective customers, people who are being recruited or strategic partners. At the first event in the Empress.world Fall 2017 Business Innovation Series a panel of venture capitalist offered tips on how to do this. The panel included Byron Ling from Primary Venture Partners, Meghan…

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Empress.world Fall 2017 Entrepreneurs Round Table Series

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You are cordially invited to join Empress.world for its Fall 2017 Entrepreneurs Rounds Table starting on Tuesday 9/12/17. This series creates the opportunity for entrepreneurs to meet investors and hear insights on particular business sectors. We will also give 5 companies a chance to do their “elevator pitch” and get feedback from our panelists and audience. Tickets are available online at Everbrite. The first event is scheduled as follows: Location: Arlo Hotel NoMad – 11 East 31st Street…

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Leveraging Ying + Yang in B2B Sales

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In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang describe how seemingly opposite or contrary forces can be complementary, interconnected and interdependent, giving rise to each other as they interrelate. This aptly describes Upsider co-founders  Josh McBride + Drew Koloski. Where they came from: Josh was in tech sector sales, often using data to help his sales teams increase their productivity and efficiency. He’s the thoughtful, analytic and focused type that drove this type of introspective. Drew was…

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4 Expert Tips for Start-Ups on the Hunt for the Perfect Office

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While most people secretly dream of being able to work from home, in their pyjamas, the ones who actually do know that it does not last long. Anybody who has started a company from their bedroom or garage can tell you that success is measured by growth. If you are growing fast, it means that the formula is working.   However, it also means that the bedroom is no longer good enough. If you want…

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NYC Start Up Funding Landscape: 2017 is Looking Great

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Various sources are reporting that 2017 will shape up to be an excellent year for startups seeking funding, which is great news for many NYC area start-ups, founders and would-be entrepreneurs. Gust – the world’s largest online platform and community for early stage finance recently released their 2016 Startup Funding Trends Mid-Year Report that is showing a bright future for the international startup ecosystem. Coming out of 2015, the number of funding applications submitted by…

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Fake News with Truth: Working with Idiots can kill you!

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There is a what appears to be a fake news story dating back about 10 years that claims “A medical study has determined that working with idiots is one of the deadliest forms of stress.” The story originated from Weekly World News, an entertainment tabloid, and it found its way to Yahoo! way back in 2002. Snopes – which bills itself as “the definitive internet reference source for urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors and misinformation”…

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Why I Picked District for Cowork.

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This is a guest blog post by District Cowork member Christopher Abelt – who is Co-Founder / Managing Director of Sagg Creek Marketing – a strategic business growth consultancy and digital marketing services firm. I must admit that it took me a little while to get used to co-working a few years ago, after many years of having an office with a door and a window with a nice view. But as a start-up entrepreneur,…

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