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Benefits of Coworking (with Strangers)

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Entrepreneur Magazine just published an article entitled “6 Benefits of Coworking with Strangers” on their website. We agree with their overall premise of “Change your scenery, and you change your outlook. Networking requires you step outside your comfort zone.” We also agree on their observation “Gathering with other freelancers in a coworking environment can benefit professionals as well as their products. Coworking provides opportunities to observe and learn from colleagues who value their autonomy and often share…

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The Core Values of (District) Co-Working

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Co-working is redefining the way a growing number of Americans work. The concept is simple yet profound: independent professionals and start-ups work better together than they might do alone – at home or sitting in a place like Starbucks. The best co-working offices are also built around the ideas of community-building, collaboration and a better quality of one’s work life. They also uphold the values established by the people who developed co-working back in 2005:…

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The Sharing Economy and Finding Happiness in Co-Working.

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The Columbia Business School recently published a great article called “It’s the Sharing Economy, Stupid” about how this phenomenon is rewriting the rules of business and value creation. However they admitted that a concise definition of the “Sharing Economy” may be elusive at this point. David Rogers (left) is a Columbia Business School Executive Education faculty member who observed a better term might be a platform economy “where the firm doesn’t actually create value itself….

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