Leveraging Ying + Yang in B2B Sales

Upsider Co-Founders Josh McBride + Drew Koloski In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang describe how seemingly opposite or contrary forces can be complementary, interconnected and interdependent, giving rise to each other as they interrelate. This aptly describes Upsider co-founders  Josh McBride + Drew Koloski.

Where they came from:

Co-Founders Josh McBride (L- CEO) and Drew Koloski (R- COO)

Upsider’s Co-Founders: Josh McBride (L- CEO) and Drew Koloski (R- COO)

Josh was in tech sector sales, often using data to help his sales teams increase their productivity and efficiency. He’s the thoughtful, analytic and focused type that drove this type of introspective.

Drew was in HR – recruiting and hiring people, in an on-going quest to hire the best performing salespeople – who would be a good match for his company.  Even as an out-going and gregarious guy, he had a hard time identifying the best prospective sales hires, based on reviewing thousands of resumes that looked alike and then talking to dozens of prospective hires.

They also have a shared work history, at credit reporting giant Experian and Offerpop (now Wyng) a marketing campaign platform for brands and agencies.

Where they decided to go:

Upsider Logo They had a hypothesis that not everything is what it appears to be, at least when it comes to looking at the resumes and LinkedIn profiles of salespeople. They were on a quest to find underlying sales performance data that could identify the best job opportunities for sales people and high performing sales people hires for companies.

Think of Upsider as an online match-making platform for B2B professionals, that helps both parties make more money in the process.

How they are getting there:

Upsider is a data company. The company name – UPSIDER – describes what they deliver: It uses the hard performance data that salespeople have generated over the course of their careers to help maximize their upside employment potential, based on industry benchmarks. Better performing salespeople help their employers generate more revenue.

Upsider delivers employment matches made in heaven, all based on data, not luck or chance.

They also capture the sales process for each hiring company, like how leads are generated, what level is being targeted in which specific industry verticals. So everything is transparent, and the recruiting / interview process becomes much more efficient.

Good news is the Upsider is growing, cash positive and they’ve attracted investors to help them scale the business. Best of all they have tons of satisfied people they’ve placed in new jobs, and happy employers seeing improved sales results.

What is it like to work at District?

Josh: We’ve been here just a couple of months, so far it has been awesome. It’s a real community, super-friendly and people here genuinely want to help each other. And the location is great, right near Penn Station because we both commute to New Jersey.

Drew: It’s a great combination of easy-going and sophisticated – a great place for a progressive tech company. It has a great presentation level, great UX and design, which we found hard to find in a co-working space.

It’s clear that these guys see the world from two clearly distinct perspectives, but with a shared admiration and respect for the power of data – and that may be the secret of their success.